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Who We Are

At MolnuFIP™, we're a dedicated team who have all faced the challenges of curing FIP. We understand the emotional and financial burden of treating FIP, especially with the high costs associated with GS-441524. Driven by a desire to find a better solution, we turned our focus to EIDD-1931, also known as molnupiravir.

Molnupiravir has revolutionized FIP treatment for cats, offering a more effective and affordable solution. Initially, it was difficult to acquire, and misinformation prevented many from accessing this breakthrough cure. Determined to make a difference, we founded MolnuFIP™ to deliver this life-saving treatment (MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931) to cat owners and veterinarians worldwide. With our commitment to providing an effective FIP cure, molnupiravir for FIP is now more accessible than ever.

Since our inception, we have proudly treated over 3,000 cats with an incredible success rate and an extraordinarily low relapse rate. We are committed to offering this revolutionary FIP treatment at industry-disruptive prices, ensuring more cats receive the care they need.

As one of our clients said, "Welcome to a new era of feline medicine." At MolnuFIP™, we strive to bring hope and healing to every cat battling FIP.

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