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Effective FIP treatment,
Through clinical researchs

  • 97 % Success Rate
  • ​No Injection
  • Rapid Recovery
Effective FIP treatment, Through Clinical Researches

Have questions? We're here to support you through the entire FIP treatment process via chat, phone, email, and text. Let’s help your cat recover.

Scientifically Verified
Peer reviewed clinic studies in the USA and Europe have demonstrated that  EIDD-1931 offered by MolnuFIP™ has a 97% treatment success  rate.
Customer Service
Customer Service
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Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery
We have local warehouses in countries where we offer our FIP treatment. We guarantee reliable delivery for every order.
No Injections
No Injections
Molnufip™ EIDD - 1931 in soft gel capules can be adminstered easily at home. 2x per day.. 12 hours apart.
99.9% Purity
Our facility proudly meets FDA standards and holds GMP and HACCP certifications.
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EIDD-1931 is not suitable for all FIP cases. Neurological FIP symptoms should be treated with GS-441524 injections for at least 2 weeks before switching to EIDD-1931.
Use GS-441524 for the following scenarios.
  1. Neurological Cases
  2. Sever liver or kidney symptoms
  3. Cats in critical condition
  4. Treatment lasting ≤ 60 days

Bella, our 3.5 kg Ragdoll, was critically ill with FIP. Our vet recommended EIDD-1931 Molnupiravir. Within weeks, Bella regained strength and began eating normally. The lower toxicity minimized side effects, making her more comfortable. Bella is now much better, thanks to this effective medication.

Jorge Garcia


3.5 kg


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  • What are the recommended dosage?
    1 capsule every 12 hours per 2.5 kg of body weight, ideally on an empty stomach. If vomiting occurs within 30 minutes, administer another capsule.
  • When is Molnupiravir EIDD-1931 not recommended?
    Molnupiravir EIDD-1931 is not recommended for neurological cases, cats with a history of digestive problems, cats in critical condition, or treatments lasting longer than 60 days.
  • What medications should be avoided when administering Molnupiravir to cats with FIP?
    Avoid the following medications: CYP Enzyme Inhibitors: Certain antifungals (e.g., ketoconazole) Antibiotics (e.g., erythromycin) Other medications (e.g., ritonavir) CYP Enzyme Inducers: Rifampin Certain antiepileptics (e.g., phenytoin) Medications Affecting Renal Excretion: NSAIDs Certain diuretics Some antibiotics (e.g., aminoglycosides) Drugs That Prolong the QT Interval: Certain antipsychotics Antiarrhythmics Antibiotics like macrolides and fluoroquinolones Other Antiviral Drugs: Careful evaluation is needed to avoid antagonistic effects or increased toxicity.
  • What is the success rate of this treatment?
    By adhering to our prescribed treatment protocol, including specific dosage and frequency, you can expect an approximate 97% success rate in treatment.
  • Is it true there are no injections?
    Absolutely, our EIDD-1931 medication is conveniently encapsulated in powder form. Simply place the capsule behind your cat's tongue or mix it with their wet food.
  • How Dangerous is FIP?
    FIP is a highly lethal disease in cats with no chance of natural recovery. Cats diagnosed with FIP typically reach a critical condition within a week due to the disease's rapid progression, and without treatment, it is invariably fatal. The cost of a full GS-441524 treatment course in the United States is high, excluding veterinary fees.However, molnupiravir EIDD-1931 offers a more effective and affordable solution for this devastating condition. This treatment is 4.4x more effective than EIDD-2801 and 7.3x more effective than GS-441524, ensuring rapid recovery with significant improvement seen within a week. It also has lower cytotoxicity, making it safer for prolonged use, and boasts a near-zero relapse rate, providing lasting peace of mind.,found%20in%20cats%20%5B4%5D.
  • Is EIDD-1931 better than Molnupiravir EIDD-2801?
    In in-vitro tests, EIDD-1931 has demonstrated 4.4x times greater potency and 33% lower cytotoxicity compared to EIDD-2801. This makes EIDD-1931 more effective and safer for prolonged treatment of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP).
  • Is EIDD-1931 suitable for all FIP cats?
    This treatment is suitable for all cats except those exhibiting ocular or neurological symptoms, are in critical conditions, lacking appetite, or have liver and kidney pre-existing condition or FIP related complications. In such instances, we recommend using GS-441524 until these conditions are resolved before using EIDD-1931. To Purchase GS-441524 visit:
  • Do you have any studies proving the effectiveness of this Molnupiravir EIDD-1931 treatment?
    Yes, we do. Molnupiravir EIDD-1931 has been used as cure and proven to be highly effective in treating FIP. Studies have shown that it is 4.4x more effective than EIDD-2801 and 7.3x more effective than GS-441524. These studies demonstrate significant improvement in cats within a week of treatment, with a near-zero relapse rate and lower cytotoxicity, making it a safe and reliable option for feline infectious peritonitis. Link:
  • Is EIDD-1931 same as Molnupiravir?
    Molnupiravir, commercially known as EIDD-2801, is a prodrug commonly used to treat COVID-19 in humans. Upon ingestion by humans or animals, EIDD-2801 is converted by the body into its active form, EIDD-1931. Clinical research conducted in the USA and China has shown that EIDD-1931 is 4.4 times more potent than EIDD-2801 in its mutagenic effect against the feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) virus. Additionally, EIDD-1931 exhibits 33% lower cytotoxicity in in vitro tests. These findings suggest that EIDD-1931 is a more preferable drug for treating FIP due to its higher potency and lower cytotoxicity.
  • How soon can I expect improvements?
    A clinical study published by the National Institutes of Health states that 46.2% of cats exhibit clinical signs of improvement within the first week, 84.6% within two weeks, and 92% by the third week. This is a good representation of real world treatment results. Link:
  • Should I use Molnupiravir EIDD-1931 for 84 days like GS-441524?
    No, Molnupiravir EIDD-1931 treatment is recommended for a maximum of 60 days. You can start with the first 30 days and consult with your veterinarian for further guidance.
  • Is MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 suitable for late stages of FIP?
    MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 is most effective for early to mid-stage FIP. For cats in late stages or with severe symptoms, it is recommended to start with GS-441524 injections. You can purchase GS-441524 at CUREFIP.COM . You can transition to EIDD-1931 once their condition stabilizes. MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 : CUREFIP Website:
  • Is MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 cost-effective?
    Yes, it is the most cost effective treatment against FIP available today. A 30 days treatment course starts from $39, which is approximately 10x cheaper than alternative FIP treatments GS-441524.
  • Are drugs that prolong the QT interval safe to use with Molnupiravir EIDD-1931?
    No, avoid drugs known to prolong the QT interval, such as certain antipsychotics, antiarrhythmics, and antibiotics like macrolides and fluoroquinolones, as they may pose a risk when taken with Molnupiravir EIDD-1931.
  • What is EIDD-1931?
    EIDD-1931, a variant of Molnupiravir, garnered public attention in early 2023 following a series of independent clinical studies conducted by researchers worldwide. These studies demonstrated its effectiveness against feline infectious peritonitis (FIP).
  • What is the active ingredient of MolnuFIP™ Products?
  • Are there any medicine interactions to be aware of when using MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931?
    Yes, avoid combining MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 with soda tablets, sodium bicarbonate, hydroxide tablets, sucralfate, and other alkaline treatments during the treatment period.
  • Can other antiviral drugs be taken with Molnupiravir EIDD-1931?
    Combining antiviral drugs can sometimes lead to antagonistic effects or increased toxicity. Carefully evaluate potential interactions with other antivirals before combining them with Molnupiravir EIDD-1931.
  • What are the indications for using MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931?
    MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 is suitable for all types of cats with FIP symptoms. Our EIDD-1931 is a definite cure for Wet FIP (Effusive), Dry FIP(and non-effusive), cats with fever, loss of appetite, ascites, pleural effusion, diarrhea, jaundice.
  • What are the pharmacokinetics of MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931?
    The pharmacokinetics of MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 are as follows: C_max: 5.49 ± 0.90 µg/ml T_max: 2.00 ± 1.10 h T_1/2: 4.83 ± 0.72 h AUC_0-t: 38.88 ± 3.92 mg/ml * h
  • What are MolnuFIP™ product specification?
    MolnuFIP™ Treatment provides 60 capsules, each with 15 mg of EIDD-1931.
  • Should medications affecting renal excretion be avoided with Molnupiravir EIDD-1931?
    Yes, avoid NSAIDs, certain diuretics, and some antibiotics (e.g., aminoglycosides) as they can impact the renal excretion of EIDD-1931.
  • Who created EIDD-1931?
    EIDD-1931 was developed by Emory Institute for Drug Development, hence the acronym EIDD. Link:
  • Whats is the MolnuFIP EIDD-1931 length of Treatment?
    Up to 60 days or as recommended by a veterinarian.
  • Can CYP enzyme inhibitors or inducers be taken with Molnupiravir EIDD-1931?
    No, avoid CYP enzyme inhibitors like certain antifungals (e.g., ketoconazole), antibiotics (e.g., erythromycin), and other medications (e.g., ritonavir), as well as CYP inducers such as rifampin and certain antiepileptics (e.g., phenytoin). These can affect the metabolism of EIDD-1931.
  • What size is MolnuFIP™ capsule size?
    Our molnupiravir is provided in size 3 capsules with off white powder.
  • How does EIDD-1931 work?
    EIDD-1931 is a ribonucleoside analog that incorporates itself into viral RNA during replication, causing mutations that inhibit viral replication (lethal mutagenesis).
  • How long is the treatment duration?
    Finish treatment in 60 days.
  • How easy is it to administer MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931?
    It comes in easy-to-use tiny soft gel capsules that can be swallowed whole, mixed with food, or administered directly.
  • How should MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 be stored?
    Store MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 in a dry, cool place away from sunlight.
  • How does MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 compare to EIDD-2801?
    It is 4.4x more potent than EIDD-2801.
  • How quickly does recovery start with MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931?
    Recovery starts within a week.
  • What makes MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 different from other brands' EIDD-2801?
    MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 is significantly more effective and safer than EIDD-2801. EIDD-1931 is 4x more potent and has lower cytotoxicity, making it better suited for long-term FIP treatment in cats. While EIDD-2801 is used for FIP due to its availability, EIDD-1931 offers more superior efficacy and fewer side effects, ensuring a more successful and comfortable treatment for your cat.
  • What are the MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 results?
    Our molnupiravir ( EIDD-1931 ) has shown 97% treatment success rate in FIP treatment in several countries.
  • What is the expiration period for MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931?
    The expiration period for MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 is 24 months.
  • Does MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 have any known drug resistance?
    No, there is no known drug resistance.
  • How is MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 packaged?
    MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 is packaged as 60 soft gel capsules in a vacuum-sealed mylar bag.
  • In which cases is MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 not recommended?
    MolnuFIP™ EIDD-1931 is not recommended for: Ocular or neurological cases Cats not feeding or defecating normally Cats with a history of poor dietary absorption

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