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Administering MolnuFIP Capsules to Your Cat


By swallowing MolnuFIP™ Capsule to your cat 

When giving MolnuFIP capsules to your cat, it’s important to ensure that the capsule is swallowed directly. Here are some steps to help you administer the medication effectively:


    1.    Preparation: Hold the capsule between your thumb and index finger. Make sure your cat is calm and in a comfortable position.

    2.    Opening the Mouth: Gently hold your cat’s head with one hand and use your other hand to open its mouth by pressing down on the lower jaw.

    3.    Placing the Capsule: Place the capsule as far back on the tongue as possible. This will encourage your cat to swallow it immediately.

    4.    Encouraging Swallowing: Gently close your cat’s mouth and stroke its throat to stimulate swallowing. You can also offer a small amount of water using a syringe to help the capsule go down smoothly.

    5.    Post-Administration: Monitor your cat for a few minutes to ensure the capsule has been swallowed completely. Offer a treat or some food afterward to make the experience positive for your cat.


By following these steps, you can ensure that your cat receives the full dosage of MolnuFIP for effective treatment.


Mixing MolnuFIP™ Capsule   with Wet Food

If your cat has difficulty swallowing capsules, you can open the MolnuFIP capsule and mix its contents with wet food. Follow these steps to ensure your cat receives the full dosage:


    1.    Preparation: Gather the MolnuFIP capsule and your cat’s favorite wet food. Make sure you have a clean bowl and a small spoon for mixing.

    2.    Opening the Capsule: Hold the capsule firmly and twist it gently to open. Carefully pour the powder or contents into the bowl.

    3.    Mixing: Add a small amount of wet food to the bowl. Use the spoon to mix the medication thoroughly with the food, ensuring that the powder is evenly distributed.

    4.    Serving: Serve the medicated food to your cat. Monitor your cat to ensure that it consumes the entire portion of food mixed with the medication.

    5.    Post-Administration: After your cat finishes eating, offer a small amount of plain wet food or a treat as a reward. This can help create a positive association with taking the medication.


By mixing the MolnuFIP capsule contents with wet food, you can make it easier for your cat to take its medication while ensuring it gets the full dose for effective treatment.

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